To:  All District 15 Director’s and Association Members

From:  Juanita Staples, District 15 Secretary

Date:  September 24, 2005

Re:  Fall Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 9 a.m. by District Director David Stigen.

Roll Call showing the following associations present:  Alexandria, Benson, Brainerd, Central Lakes, CIA, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Leech Lake/Walker, Little Falls, Long Prairie, Moorhead, Morris, Park Rapids, Sauk Centre, Wadena

Special election Secretary Wadena moved to appoint Juanita Staples (Morris) as secretary, CIA seconded.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes  no prior minutes provided for approval

Treasurers Report no treasurer’s report presented.  Long Prairie & Leech Lake received and picked up their Dodge checks from previous year.  Dues are due for each association, $150 per team (Bantam, PeeWee, 12U) registered by December 1, 2005, $25 late fee will be applied if after December 1.

District Director – David Stigen reviewed the screening forms procedure.  Still needs a number of associations to provide their board of directors screening forms.

Insurance  is now included in the fee paid to MN Hockey

Restructuring everything stays the same this year, however; they are looking at setting up different districts and changing teams to AA and A levels

Blue Puck Rule applies to 8U, Mite and below.  Controversy with associations but David Stigen will advise if it should be for squirt too.

Wild Program Sales  Little Falls and Park Rapids took the opportunity for this year to do the program sales.  Dave Stigen will submit their names to the Wild office.

Roster Day will be December 3, 2005 (first Saturday in December) @ Wadena (Pine Cove Inn)  Each association should be present with their rosters, coaches screening forms and the transmittal form attached to the top.

Tournaments reminder again that District 15 does NOT allow Mite Tournaments.  Associations can have jamborees but no gate or fee.

Tournament packages Paul Watzke was not present but tournament packages were handed out to all associations based on the tournaments they held last year.  If more are needed they are to contact Paul Watzke direct.  David Stigen will get the tournament package needed to Little Falls (host of the Bantam A Gold Regional)

Select 15 & 14 brief update

Coaching – Dennis Bushy Coaching clinics  for District 15 will be held at the following locations:  Morris Oct 21,22 & 23, 2005

                                  Brainerd Dec 9,10 & 11, 2005

Level 1 Friday 6-10 p.m.; Level 2 Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Level 3 Sunday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Each location needs to provide additional help for the training

Officials – Howard Breitkreutz   Rule changes are minor this year.  There can be no penalty changes after the puck has been dropped for the next action in play.  If there is an icing error the puck will be dropped at the last play drop. Goal sticks must be 2” thick.  Ref seminars are listed on the web (Oct 22 in D.L. 4 p.m., Oct 23 in Crosby 9 a.m., Oct 29 in Little Falls 4 p.m., Oct 30 in Alexandria 9 a.m.) All levels 1,2,3 will be at each seminar.  Districts tournaments are a 2 man system and Districts Bantam A & PeeWee A are a 3 man system.  Request by Howard for an increase in pay.

Park Rapids made a motion to increase the 2 man pay to $40/ref and the 3 man system $50 for ref and $40 each for the 2 linesman along with the federal mileage rate. CIA second. Motion carried.

19U asked for any teams interested David Stigen will see if he can set up a rainbow league by 1st week in October.

Team Declarations – see sheet

District tournaments single or double elimination Alexandria made a motion go have the Bantam A be a single elimination, Park Rapids second, motion carried with David Stigen breaking the tie vote. 

Moorhead made a motion to leave the PeeWee A as a double elimination, Little Falls second, motion carried.

This will be added to the agenda again for next year to review.

Declaration of district points discussed.  Associations wanted teams with two teams to declare which team would be getting the points.  Brainerd PWB blue team would receive the district points and Moorhead Bantam and PeeWee Black teams would receive the district points.  Both towns agreed their teams would not be playing for the points.  Agreed that the fair play points would not be awarded to either team as no game is played.

Tournament Rotation

Sauk Centre   --  PWB1 District

Little Falls - Bantam A Gold Region

CIA   --  PWB2 District

Alexandria  -- Bantam A District

Central Lakes -- PASS

Park Rapids --  12UA

Wadena --  PASS

Benson --  Bantam B2 Districts

Walker/Leech Lake -- PASS

Brainerd  --  PWA Districts

Fergus Falls – 10UA

Long Prairie -- PASS

Morris  PWB2 Regional

Detroit Lakes -- PASS

Moorhead – Bantam B Districts

Tournaments Available and teams hosting

PeeWee B2 Regional

Bantam A Districts

Bantam B Districts

Bantam B2 Districts

PeeWee A Districts

PeeWee B Districts

PeeWee B2 Districts

Junior Gold





District 15 Teams for 2005 – 2006

Bantam A                   Bantam  B East                               Bantam B West

Alexandria                  Brainerd                                             Alexandria

Brainerd                     CIA                                                     Detroit Lakes

Fergus Falls                Central Lakes                                    Fergus Falls

Little Falls                  Leech Lake                                        MBA

Moorhead                   Little Falls                                          Moorhead Black

Wadena                      Long Prairie/Sauk Centre                 Moorhead Orange

Park Rapids

Detroit Lakes


PeeWee A                  PeeWee B East                                  PeeWee B West

Alexandria                  Brainerd Blue                         Alexandria

Brainerd                     Brainerd White                                  Fergus Falls

Detroit Lakes             Central Lakes                                    Moorhead Black

Fergus Falls                CIA                                                     Moorhead Orange

Little Falls                  Leech Lake                                        MBA

Moorhead                   Long Prairie                                       Park Rapids

                                    Sauk Centre                                       Wadena




Detroit Lakes

Fergus Falls



Park Rapids



President Little Falls nominated Joe Bergquist, Alexandria second.  Motion carried

Girls no nominations received

Tournaments CIA nominated Paul Watzke, Wadena second. Motion carried.

Officials Park Rapids nominated Howard Breitkreutz, Sauk Centre second. Motion carried

All positions accepted another 2 year term to the District 15 Board of Directors


All Associations were reminded of the 2:30 p.m. MANDATORY HEP meeting, roll call will be taken.

Benson motion to adjourn, second by Morris, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted

Juanita Staples

Secretary, District 15